Causation in Psychology

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A blab droid is a robot with a body shaped like a pizza box a pair of treads and a smiley face Guided by an onboard video camera it roams hotel lobbies and conference centers asking questions in the voice of a seven year old Can you help me What is the worst thing you ve ever done Who in the world do you love most People pour their hearts out in response This droid prompts the question of what we can hope from social robots Might they provide humanlike friendship Philosopher John Campbell doesn t think so He argues that while a social robot can remember the details of a person s history better than some spouses can it cannot empathize with the human mind because it lacks the faculty for thinking in terms of singular causation Causation in Psychology makes the case that singular causation is essential and unique to the human species From the point of view of practical action knowledge of what generally causes what is often all one needs But humans are capable of more We have a capacity to imagine singular causation Unlike robots and nonhuman animals we don t have to rely on axioms about pain to know how ongoing suffering is affecting someone s ability to make decisions for example and this knowledge is not a derivative of general rules The capacity to imagine singular causation Campbell contends is a core element of human freedom and of the ability to empathize with human thoughts and feelings

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