Nanotherapy for Brain Tumor Drug Delivery

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This volume provides a guide on nanoformulations and other drug delivery approaches for both academic and industry scientists The chapters in this book cover diverse topics and techniques in nanoparticle drug delivery gene therapy neurosurgical brain implant exosomes MRI guided focused ultrasound MRgFUS and advanced preclinical glioblastoma multiforme animal models Some chapters discuss state of the art and innovative nanomedicines for glioblastoma surface modified nanoparticle drug carriers for brain cancer treatment focused ultrasound FUS mediated blood brain barrier disruption for enhanced drug delivery to brain tumors gene therapy delivery approaches to treat brain cancer and a liposome template hydrogel nanoparticles LHNPs as a powerful CRISPR Cas9 delivery vehicle In the Neuromethods series style chapters include the kind of detail and key advice from the specialists needed to get successful results in your laboratory

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