Innovative Technologies and Signal Processing in Perinatal Medicine Volume 1

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Pregnancy is a critical time for the health of the mother and the fetus with important potential risks for both Tools for antenatal diagnosis and pregnancy monitoring can support prevention and management of potential risks and complications In particular the perinatal period spanning from the third trimester of pregnancy up to one month after birth is the most critical for the baby For this reason in the last decades biomedical engineering supported and fostered the scientific research towards the identification of new models parameters algorithms and tools that can improve the quality of fetal monitoring predict the outcomes and allow physicians to intervene in an appropriate manner to ensure a healthy future for the baby This book follows the First International Summer School on Technologies and Signal Processing in Perinatal Medicine and reflects some of its most important master lectures It represents a valuable guide for students and young researchers approaching this topic for the first time as well as experienced researchers and practitioners looking for a clear representation of the themes and techniques presented by recognized experts in the field

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