Global Software Engineering Virtualization and Coordination

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Technology and organizations co evolve as is illustrated by the growth of information and communication technology ICT and global software engineering GSE Technology has enabled the development of innovations in GSE The literature on GSE has emphasized the role of the organization at the expense of technology This book explores the role of technology in the evolution of globally distributed software engineering To date the role of the organization has been examined in coordinating GSE activities because of the prevalence of the logic of rationality i e the efficiency ethos mechanical methods and mathematical analysis and indeterminacy i e the effectiveness ethos natural methods and functional analysis This logic neglects the coordination role of ICT However GSE itself is an organizational mode that is technology begotten technology dominated and technology driven as is its coordination GSE is a direct reflection of ICT innovation change and use yet research into the role technology of GSE has been neglected Global Software Engineering Virtualization and Coordination considers existing fragmented explanations and perspectives in GSE research poses new questions about GSE and proposes a framework based on the logic of virtuality i e creativity ethos electrical methods and technological analysis rather than of rationality and indeterminacy Virtuality is the primary perspective in this book s comprehensive study of GSE The book concludes with an integrated explanation of GSE coordination made possible through ICT connectivity and capitalization

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