The Logic Of Gilles Deleuze Basic Principles

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French philosopher Gilles Deleuze wrote two logic books Francis Bacon The Logic of Sensation and The Logic of Sense However in neither of these books nor in any other works does Deleuze articulate in a formal way the features of the logic he employs He certainly does not use classical logic And the best options for the non classical logic that he may be implementing are fuzzy intuitionist and many valued These are applicable to his concepts of heterogeneous composition and becoming affirmative synthetic disjunction and powers of the false In The Logic of Gilles Deleuze Basic Principles Corry Shores examines the applicability of three non classical logics to Deleuze s philosophy by building from the philosophical and logical writings of Graham Priest the world s leading proponent of dialetheism Through so doing Shores argues that Deleuze s logic is best understood as a dialetheic paraconsistent many valued logic

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