The Biology of Human Behavior

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Why do human beings behave the way they do What governs how they act out their daily lives It is not difficult to provide the traditional argument that its largely a matter of the culture in which we live a product of the influences of family peers teachers religious leaders the movies we see the books we read and so forth Such behavior often contradicts the independent nature of the human spirit demanding a certain compromisewe depend on others for our needs and to obtain these we must behave accordingly Evidence grows however that in addition much of our behavior has its roots in biological processes Such information indicates that whether we like to accept it or not our conduct is often governed by biochemical agents within in the brain an expression of our animalistic ancestral past governed by our genetic inheritance and all beyond the level of our conscious decision making This book addresses a series of such behaviorslove jealousy travel suicide etc and examines new found perspectives that speak to a biological component in explaining just why we behave as we do Certainly such scientific insights are limited and currently provide only a narrow insight into human behavior However this information clearly forecasts the coming of a greater appreciation that as members of the animal kingdom we remain biological beings as well as members of a cooperative society

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