Individualized In Vitro Fertilization Delivering Precision Fertility Treatment

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The increasing understanding of individual differences in response to in vitro fertilization IVF treatment resulting from genetic and ethnical differences has increased the potential for individualized treatment for patients resulting in improved pregnancy and live birth outcomes This illustrated book summarizes and provides updates on the most recent developments in individualized infertility treatment and embryo selection techniques Individualization is not only confined to the different steps in the ovarian stimulation process and the luteal phase support but also to embryo selection techniques which include among others the analysis of embryo development pattern and genetic testing Chapters cover a multitude of topics ranging from oocyte maturation and immunological testing to fertilization technique in the IVF laboratory and preparation for optimal endometrial receptivity in cryo cycles Essential reading for IVF specialists and embryologists in IVF Clinics and also an important text for medical consultants specializing in reproductive medicine gynecology and embryology

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