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Jones Barry Owen 1932 Australian politician writer and lawyer born in Geelong Educated at Melbourne University he was a public servant high school teacher television and radio performer university lecturer and lawyer before serving as a Labor MP in the Victorian Parliament 1972 77 and the Australian House of Representatives 1977 98 He took a leading role in reviving the Australian film industry abolishing the death penalty in Australia and was the first politician to raise public awareness of global warming the post industrial society the IT revolution biotechnology the rise of the Third Age and the need to preserve Antarctica as a wilderness In the Hawke Government he was Minister for Science 1983 90 Prices and Consumer Affairs 1987 Small Business 1987 90 and Customs 1988 90 He became a member of the Executive Board of UNESCO Paris 1991 95 and National President of the Australian Labor Party 1992 2000 2005 06 He was Deputy Chairman of the Constitutional Convention 1998 His books include Decades of Decision 1860 1965 Joseph II 1968 Age of Apocalypse 1975 and he edited The Penalty is Death 1968 Sleepers Wake Technology and the Future of Work was published by Oxford University Press in 1982 became a bestseller and has been translated into Chinese Japanese Korean Swedish and braille The fourth edition was published in 1995 Knowledge Courage Leadership a collection of speeches and essays appeared in 2016 He received a DSc for his services to science in 1988 and a DLitt in 1993 for his work on information theory Elected FTSE 1992 FAHA 1993 FAA 1996 and FASSA 2003 he is the only person to have become a Fellow of four of Australia s five learned Academies Awarded an AO in 1993 named as one of Australia s 100 living national treasures in 1997 he was elected a Visiting Fellow Commoner of Trinity College Cambridge in 1999 His autobiography A Thinking Reed was published in 2006 and The Shock of Recognition about music and literature in 2016 In 2014 he received an AC for services as a leading intellectual in Australian public life

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