Artificial Intelligence for Customer Relationship Management Solving Customer Problems

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The second volume of this research monograph describes a number of applications of Artificial Intelligence in the field of Customer Relationship Management with the focus of solving customer problems We design a system that tries to understand the customer complaint his mood and what can be done to resolve an issue with the product or service To solve a customer problem efficiently we maintain a dialogue with the customer so that the problem can be clarified and multiple ways to fix it can be sought We introduce dialogue management based on discourse analysis a systematic linguistic way to handle the thought process of the author of the content to be delivered We analyze user sentiments and personal traits to tailor dialogue management to individual customers We also design a number of dialogue scenarios for CRM with replies following certain patterns and propose virtual and social dialogues for various modalities of communication with a customer After we learn to detect fake content deception and hypocrisy we examine the domain of customer complaints We simulate mental states attitudes and emotions of a complainant and try to predict his behavior Having suggested graph based formal representations of complaint scenarios we machine learn them to identify the best action the customer support organization can chose to retain the complainant as a customer

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